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We have 5 Conveniently Located State-of-the-Art Clinics. 

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Our offices are proud to offer extensive hearing solutions, from consultations and hearing evaluations*, all the way to helping you pick out your hearing aid and finding the perfect fit! *Hearing evaluations are conducted to determine if you can be helped by a hearing device.

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Ready to purchase a hearing aid? Our office is proud to offer a wide array of hearing aids in different styles and different technological capabilities to fit your needs!

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Are you ready to hear better today? Schedule an appointment with one of our hearing care professionals and find the best hearing devices and technology to fit your lifestyle and needs!

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Take our hearing fitness survey and start your journey to better hearing!

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Please Note: Due to Continued COVID-19 Restrictions, Intela-Hear Audiology & Hearing Aid Center has temporarily suspended operations.  If you are an exciting customer and need service or repair an Existing hearing aid, please email [email protected] 

An Intela-Hear Audiology Representative will respond to all emails within a few business days to arrange a service appointment.

Thank you, and we look to reopen for normal operations very soon.


Only at Intela-Hear Audiology & Hearing Aid Center

  • Free of Charge (services included within the Hearing Aid(s) warranty period)
  • Exclusive “Journey to Better Hearing” Program offered
  • 60-Day Exchange Privilege on all Hearing Devices offered
  • Computerized Verification / Programming / Adjustments
  • Supply of *48 Professional Grade Long Lasting Premium Batteries (*per year)
  • Annual Updated Hearing Tests and *recalibration (*if needed)
  • 1, 2, or 3-year Loss and Damage Policy (based on the brand of Hearing Device)
  • Auditory Training offered to help understand speech in different environments
  • Hearing Device Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance…(4 times a year)
  • WALK-INs ALWAYS Accepted - Unlike Other Local Audiology Centers

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Hearing Aids

Experience the difference of what Intela-Hear Audiology & Hearing Aid Center offers:

  • No “High-Pressure” Selling
  • A complete line of High Quality Hearing Devices in all price ranges
  • Receive Exceptional Technology & Hearing Experience, regardless of the price
  • Best Warranties in the industry including Loss & Damage

Hearing Aids 

Our Services

Latest “State-of-the-Art” testing equipment to ensure precision and accuracy to include:

  • Real-Ear Measurement
  • Visible Speech Mapping
  • A proprietary “Journey to Better Hearing” adjustment process.
  • Caring and guiding hands-on staff to assist with the “Journey to Better Hearing” process



We've got you covered

Extensive Long-Term Service and Maintenance includes:

  • Worry -Free warranties
  • No-Charge in-office repairs
  • No-Charge hearing device maintenance and cleanings
  • No-Charge adjustments 
  • Convenient locations with easy parking
  • WALK-INs ALWAYS Accepted

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It is our mission is to allow everyone the opportunity to experience better hearing with hearing devices in the comfort of one’s home and daily activities. Our highly qualified Licensed Hearing Care Professionals will recommend several devices based on your hearing and lifestyle needs, affordability as well as ease of use. It is then your decision to choose what is right for “YOU”.

Questions like these and many more will be answered before you agree to purchase any hearing devices:

  • Can I really hear better?
  • Will hearing aids work for me?
  • Will I be happy I bought hearing aids?

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