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Hearing Aid Fitting and Dispensing

The hearing aid fitting process 

When the hearing aids you’ve ordered arrive in our office, we’ll schedule you for a hearing aid fitting appointment to customize their settings and functions and help you get comfortable with them. After we’ve ensured their programming matches your prescription, we’ll teach you how to insert your hearing aids and have you try them on so we can check their fit for comfort and precision. 

While you’re wearing your hearing aids, we’ll run a few interactive tests like Live Speech Mapping so you and your family members can see the immediate impact your new devices have on your hearing abilities. 

We’ll also show you how to interact with your hearing aids, from simple things like adjusting the settings and inserting batteries to proper cleaning procedures and basic troubleshooting. We’ll further provide you with practical tips and a wear schedule to help you ease into adjusting to your new hearing aids gradually over the next several weeks. 

By the end of the hearing aid fitting process, you should feel completely comfortable inserting, adjusting and functioning with your hearing aids on your own and ready to give them the real-world test with our 45-day trial period. 

Follow-up appointments and adjustments 

We do our best to give you the best customized fit the first time, but there’s no way to know how well your hearing aids will meet your needs until you put them to the test of your daily routine. You may decide that certain settings need to be adjusted to meet the reality of your environments, special features aren’t performing the way you expected them to or the fit just isn’t as precise as it could be. That’s why we like to schedule you for a follow-up appointment back in our office within a few weeks of your first fitting, with additional follow-ups to ensure you’re satisfied with your hearing aids’ performance. 

Living with hearing aids is a lifestyle change, and adjusting to them is a process that will continue to unfold as your hearing and lifestyle needs change over time. At Value Hearing Aid Center, we’re committed to ensuring you get the hearing aid fittings, adjustments and fine-tuning you need to keep hearing your best and living your life with continuous, uninterrupted clarity.